About Us

WASZAF CONSULTANTS (WZC) was established in 1997, by M. Wasif S. Khan (CEO) and Zafreen Khan, a partnership of sincerity, loyalty and consideration. Without a single advertisement in the papers or bill board marketing – we have thrived on referrals from our satisfied clients solely – Today we are proud of the respect and success that we maintain in the Market.

WZC have been offering a range of immigration and related services primarily focusing on Canadian Immigration. We are aware that the choice to move to another country is very important, therefore we offer only high-quality assistance and total commitment to giving the clients full support at every step of the immigration process.

As time progressed, WZC realized that immigration is a lot more than just processing of documents, packing and flying off – it requires refinement & development of personal skills – with this in mind WZC set a goal to ensure that our clients get orientation in self improvement and personal development also.


Law Society of Upper Canada Membership Number :  27140 L

Waszaf Consultants is a Registered Office of Paul Vadervennen since 1999.

Paul Vandervennen is Certified by Law Society of Upper Canada as Specialists in Citizenship and Immigration Law.

Why Choose WZC?

  • We are proud of providing friendly, personal services tailored to your needs.
  • We aim to always be there to guide and support our clients through out of their visa application process.
  • We have more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge – We have thousands of satisfied customers.
  • With a team of highly professional consultants, we have competent planning throughout the company.
  • Our utmost important focus is on client satisfaction – We give top most priority to our clients’ goals and assist them in achieving the same in a most efficient manner.
  • We not just assure our clients of the best services at all times but are also confident to get the desired results for our clients.
  • We are committed to our clients to help them in realizing their dreams and career.
  • Our rejection rate is very low – we try to deal with every case as attentively as possible.
  • We are running on our trust and word of mouth due to success and honesty and competency in our work.
  • We provide a range of integrated, professional services that are tailor-­made to the individual requirements of our clients.

Benefits of Hiring WZC…

Many people apply for immigrant visas on their own, without any assistance. Some of these applicants succeed, but many of them fail. Many unrepresented applicants who failed could have succeeded with the proper professional representation. We are often called upon to appeal refusals that could have succeeded the first time.

  • We assist in your application every step of the way, from the completion of the forms, to the submission of documents, to making legal submissions to the visa office about your application, to preparation for a selection interview and handling all correspondence with the visa office on your behalf.
  • You have full access to your own consultant throughout the entire immigration process.
  • Your case is reviewed by our experienced team who keep on researching the relevant immigration regulations, official procedure manuals and any probable changes in Immigration policies to determine the appropriate course of action to be followed in order to achieved the desired results.
  • Written advice and guidance at each stage of the application process and on-­going supervision of your case by our immigration advisors
  • Preparation of the entire application on your behalf, in accordance with the current immigration regulations
  • Completion of official forms, submissions, and supporting documentation taking care of accurate educational history, work experience, funds, marital status etc. as required by immigration
  • Identifying and clarifying complications or possible problems with the immigration authorities or relevant official body.
  • Coordinating your time­ sensitive documentation such as medical tests, English language tests, ECA, police reports etc.
  • Presentation of your application to the immigration authorities in the format recommended by the immigration authorities.
  • Monitoring your application during the official processing of your case, liaison between you and the authorities and responding to any questions raised by the relevant authorities.
  • Written advice regarding any changes made to the policies that may effect your position under the regulations.
  • Personalized assistance and practical advice throughout the entire procedure.

Our Services

  • Skilled Immigration
  • Provincial programs
  • Family Immigration
  • Spouse Immigration
  • Parent Sponsorship
  • Student Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Refunds
  • Appeals

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