Date:April 11, 2022


11-April-2022: Canada expands simplified renewal process for passports as long as it was issued within the last 15 years.

07-April-2022: Canada plan on welcoming more immigrants in the next few months and coming years. Canada is also seeing a rise in tech companies across Canada

06-April-2022: IRCC increased immigration fees

02-April-2022: IRCC aims to resume FSWP and CEC invitations this spring

21-March-2022: Starting April 1, 2022, pre-entry tests will no longer be required for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada

12-March-2022: Express Entry backlog has declined now – fell to 95,641 persons by the end of February 2022

10-March-2022: SINP new Tech Talent Pathway program – Must have job offer in specified NOC only

26-February-2022: IRCC Having Split Team For Processing Old & New Files – divided their staff to handle old applications and new incoming applications

20-February-2022: The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program will now be called the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) 

12-Febryary-2022: Temporarily paused EE invitations to CEC candidates since September so it can reduce its inventory and processing times 

12-February-2022: IRCC will announce new immigration plan on 14 Feb 2022. It will outline Canada’s immigration targets over the next three years

09-Febryary-2022: IRCC Launching a new online case status tracker for family class permanent residence applications. It is for those who got acknowledgement of receipt

01-February-2022: IRCC has hired about 500 new processing staff, digitized applications, and reallocated work among IRCC offices around the world to reduce processing time

27-January-2022: IRCC is still in the process of evaluating its Express Entry strategy for 2022. They are still looking at their Express Entry draw options for 2022

05-January-2022: Canada is looking to welcome 411,000 new immigrants in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023

01-January-2022: Govt of Alberta create online housing tool to locate and apply for affordable housing

29-December-2021: IRCC is extending the already-existing medical exam exemption on immigration candidates applying from inside Canada until March 31, 2022

18-December-2021: Canada’s new immigration priorities – expect IRCC to expand the scope of its priorities regarding immigration beginning in the coming months.

16-December-2021: Trudeau says Canadians need to make ’careful decisions about Christmas’. Ottawa is considering further travel restrictions

15-December-2021: IRCC is looking to welcome some 23,500 immigrants under the PGP in 2022.

04-December-2021: Candidates for cooks and chefs jobs in Canada are high demand 

30-November-2021: New Canadian travel and border measures take effect on Nov 30, 2021

27-November-2021: Canada bans flights from South Africa and neighbouring countries

25-November-2021: Saskatchewan announces new immigration program- It requires job offer

21-November-2021: As of January 15, 2022, certain groups of travellers, who are currently exempt from entry requirements will only allow to enter Canada. 

21-November-2021: Effective November 30, 2021, the Government of Canada will expand its list of accepted vaccines include Sinopharm, Sinovac and COVAXIN

19-November-2021: Canada Open to Ramping Up Record Immigration, New Minister Says

22-October-2021:Ontario to propose positive changes for immigrants – Ensure the licensing process is completed in a timely manner so foreign immigrants can start working 

05-October-2021: IRCC is spending $1.7 billion settlement budget for permanent residents, refugee claimants and approved permanent residence.

03-September-2021: Beginning September07, foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated with approved Covid19 vaccines may be eligible to enter Canada

24-August-2021: Federal Court orders IRCC to make a decision on a PR application within 30 days – If not then pay back $1,500 in fees

24-August-2021: The upcoming Canadian federal election on September 20 is an opportunity for the future of Canada’s immigration system.

23-August-2021: Federal Court orders IRCC to make a decision on a PR application within 30 days and pay back $1,500 in fees 

15-August-2021: IRCC has announced $100 million in funding to ensure settlement services for newcomers meet their needs during the pandemic.

12-August-2021: Canada now accepts citizenship applications online – Currently only open to single applicants over the age of 18

Many outlanders got re medical request whose medical expired in this pandemic

ECA report being issued in less than 1 month from some bodies

04-August-2021: After 15 months of waiting due to the pandemic border closures, all valid COPR holders are now able to complete the process of calling Canada home

02-August-2021: The economy is starting to recover. Canada will invite about 43,000 new immigrants per month from July onward in order to achieve this goal.

09-July-2021: Unvaccinated Tourists Won’t Be Allowed Into Canada For “Quite A While”

06-July-2021: First phase of easing travel restrictions begins today

06-July-2021: Funds for FSW program updated – It has increased 

29-June-2021: For ITA, Express Entry applicants to apply in 90 days has been reverted back to 60.

29-June-2021: Approved permanent residents to travel to Canada if their documents have expired.

28-June-2021: Valid COPR and PR holders until October 1, 2021 or after to come to Canada before their documents expire.

28-June-2021: By Early August, international student will come to Canada to attend their classes

28-June-2021: Country’s Civil Aviation Authority to increase the number of flights for five destinations. Canada is one in this.

27-June-2021: Alberta to enter Stage 3 on July 1 where 95% restrictions will liftup

24-June-2021: Provincial programs restart outlanders draw with no ties to Canada

23-June-2021: When you land in Canada, no need  to quarantine, fine and hotel stay

22-June-2021: PIA resume its flights to Canada – No need to quarantine at airport

21-June-2021: Valid COPR holders can now enter Canada



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