Entry/Exit Program

Canadian Government Can Now Monitor How Many Days Immigrants and Visitors Spend in the Country

Entry and exit data will be used to support administrative investigations into an individual’s PR residency / citizenship application.

The public needs to be forewarned and prepared when making any application to the Canadian government with respect to immigration or citizenship matters.

Since the consequences are dire, routine applications to renew permanent resident cards or applying for Canadian citizenship must be taken seriously.

Some intended uses for this information by IRCC will include:

  • Verifying residency requirements to objectively confirm the information provided by the applicant, such as applications for grants of citizenship or permanent resident cards;

  • Verifying if a temporary resident applicant may have previously overstayed their allowable period of admission in Canada;

  • Assisting in an investigation into an individual’s entitlement to a Canadian travel document;

  • Verifying that sponsors are residing in Canada;

  • Verifying residence of spouses and partners under the Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada Class;

  • Verifying whether a refugee claimant entered Canada using their travel documents; and

  • Supporting investigations into possible fraud in relation to immigration, citizenship and passport and travel programs.

Data will be used to validate the travel history using the Canadian travel document and will be used to confirm whether or not the client misrepresented their residence in Canada for the purpose of acquiring PR residency  / citizenship.

The Entry and Exit data will help the IRCC to make better informed decisions to ensure that individuals meet with all necessary requirements in order to achieve status in Canada.



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