Record number of new immigrants in 2016 !

The Liberal government of Canadaimages (1) plans on welcoming up to 305,000 new permanent residents this year — the highest projected immigration
level in decades, and around a seven percent increase on the 2015 plan.

Minister McCallum said the plan is grounded in Canada’s tradition of being a welcoming and generous country.  “We will be able to welcome more people to Canada,” he said at a news conference in Brampton, Ontario.


The government provided details in its 2016 Immigration Levels Plan, which was published on Tuesday, March 8. The increase in immigration numbers will be primarily through family sponsorship and refugee settlement programs, though more than half of all newcomers will arrive through economic immigration programs. The target mark of 160,600 people in economic programs is in line with admissions through those programs over recent years, even if the target itself is slightly lower than last year.

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